Last Day of Work!

Today was my last day at the Little Museum! It’s a very bittersweet feeling… I grew to love that museum and everyone I worked with, but I’m so glad to be done working for a while! It was weird saying goodbye to everyone knowing I won’t be seeing them for a while, if ever…I made sure I took some pictures so I could remember it though! 🙂






For my last day I worked in the U2 room with Connor, rearranging it so we can put a running banner with the story of the band. It looks pretty good, but we didn’t have enough text panels to cover more than one wall, so I don’t know what they’re going to do about that. The Trabant never came in either…there was a death in the family of the car people, so they said they weren’t sure when they would be able to get it in. Simon told me he would send pictures though, so that will be good!


            After work Anna, Connor, Mark and I went to lunch at Hatch & Sons, which is the restaurant under the museum. Funny how Anna and I went there on her first day for lunch… 🙂 memories! After that Anna and I went over to the Chester Beatty Library, which was actually really amazing! There were 2 main exhibits, the Art of Books which displayed things about books and writing techniques etc in different countries, and then Sacred Traditions of the World, so it was basically an exhibit of the main world religions. There was also a roof garden, where I found a snail making its way across the ground. I thought he was so cute! Kind of gross, but also cute. 🙂 We were both pretty exhausted after that so we said our final goodbyes and I headed to Carrolls in the city center to do some last minute gift shopping. At the time it happened to be pouring rain, good thing I had my rain jacket!! But by the time I left the store it was sunny and hot…that’s how the weather was the whole day. There was even some awesome thunder going on after I got home!

So now I’ve just been at home…I even officially started packing. It feels so weird that I am leaving on Monday. I want to go home, but I am going to miss this city! I might even shed a tear or two when I have to leave… 🙂


More Pictures!


Really awesome clouds!


Outside the museum! Please ignore the gross broken look my arm has going on there…ew.


Me, Anna, and Ray (he hands out the discount cards in an old police uniform on the front steps!)

ImageMy snail friend at the Library.. 😛


Entrance to the Chester Beatty Library.



I know that in this blog sometimes it probably sounds like I’m not enjoying my time here, or regretting the decision to go on this trip. I AM NOT REGRETTING IT. I PROMISE. I am so glad that I did this, not just for the experience and such, but just for me! If you asked me 2 years ago if I would want to go abroad by myself for two months, I would’ve laughed in your face. I have grown so much because of this experience, and I just want to share with you all what I have learned here and just really reiterate how much fun I am having and how much I love it here.

            First of all, I am living in a different country. How many people out there can say that they’ve done that?! Not very many. I absolutely love it here. The city is small-ish, so it’s pretty relaxed compared to some place like NYC or London. Everyone just goes about their business not worrying about anything, it seems. And because I’ve been here for two months, I actually feel like I sort of belong here. I have my routines and my favorite places…it’s a nice feeling. I actually got stopped on the street one day and a tourist asked me the cheapest place to get jeans, and if Trinity College was open during the summer. It felt AMAZING to be able to answer her with tons of detail because I actually know! I may not be from here, but I know a lot about this city now. I know how the buses work, I can figure out which bus goes where and when, I know most of the streets around my work and the city center, and I know a lot of the restaurants and shops. When I come back to Dublin in the future, I’ll be a pro! I can take all my friends/family to the cool places and show them where I lived, where I worked…it’s going to be fantastic.

            Second, I have made some really awesome friends over here; they may not be from Ireland, but I still met them in Dublin! Obviously I am really going to miss my roommate, Brittany. We hit it off straight away on the first day and have been growing closer ever since! It’s a shame we live on opposite sides of the country back home, but she is planning a visit to her family in AZ at some point, so maybe we can visit at some point! There are also all of the friends I’ve made at work. I would not have been able to handle work as well as I have without all of those amazing people. They made going to work everyday bearable. We have all bonded on different levels about different things, which makes each friendship special to me.

            Obviously I’ve gotten tons of work experience here, which will be great for my future career search/graduate school applications. I got a great letter of recommendation from Simon (the curator, if you aren’t aware) and I feel much more comfortable dealing with real world job situations. I had to deal with a boss with unrealistically high expectations who’s head was so high in the cloud of ideas he had, he never took the time to help me. I feel like that is what the real world is like though; as much as I hate him for not helping me, in a way he really is and I see that now (as much as I hate it…haha). I also got to dip my toes in so many fields of museum work while I was here, which really solidified my thoughts about my career path (which is collections/archives). I guess I just like my historical objects more than human interaction. 😛

            Even more important than all of that, I’ve learned how to deal with distance, and learned that YES I can live on my own and survive! This is fantastic practice for me, as I am planning on moving to Seattle, Washington in a year. Just a year! Oh man, that’s a whole other experience just waiting to happen and throw another emotional roller coaster at me. 😛 But anyway, this trip has taught me to deal with crappy living situations and how to figure out a completely new and foreign city all on my own! And I DID it. I did it. This boosts my confidence that I can do anything I want with my future and be able to get through it, for better or worse.

As for the distance (yes, I am about to get all mushy and lovey-dovey), I think it has made mine and Patrick’s relationship stronger, and also brought up different situations for us to deal with that might never have come up had I not done this. I always thought I was made for long-distance relationships because I am so independent, but I was dead wrong. I need someone to listen to me vent when I come home from work, to hug me when I cry, and to cuddle with me while watching a tv show. I crave that physical affection and love, which this distance has taken from me. BUT it’s also taught me to be patient (one thing that has always been lacking in my life, just ask my mom…I can hear her now “patience is a virtue, Katie!”). Patrick has told me that I have been dealing with the distance very well, so maybe I don’t show those insecurities very often, but I definitely feel inside constantly. I miss him so much that it physically hurts sometimes. I freaking love this guy, and being apart for two months has been SO HARD, but I know that it has made us stronger and, at least for me, reaffirmed my feelings for him and made me even more grateful for his presence in my life.

For the NAU Education Abroad students reading this, I guess what I’m trying to say is…if you have the urge to study abroad, DO IT. I can’t stress that enough. Being abroad and on my own has been transformational! If I can do it, the girl who doesn’t like change or slightly different things, you can definitely do it. I may sound whiney and sad in some of my previous posts, but that is part of the experience (also, I’m also very emotional about everything…ask anyone who knows me…).

And for my friends and family, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!! Your encouraging comments and thoughtful talks/advice have been so helpful for me. I love you all so much.

Mom and Dad, you deserve a special thank you because of everything you have done for me. You have made it possible for me to spread my wings and do things that most people don’t get the opportunity to do. Your support, not only financially but also emotionally, made this possible. You are the best parents anyone could ever ask for and I’m so glad that God made me your daughter. Thank you so much.

I know this post made me feel ten times better about myself and my trip, and I hope that everyone reading this realizes that I am having an utter BLAST over here and would never exchange this experience for anything!! Thanks for reading, I hope that all made sense and had some sort of flow… 🙂



4 more days!

Kilkenny and Riverdance

ONLY 3.5 DAYS LEFT OF WORK AND 6 DAYS LEFT IN IRELAND!! Anyway, this post is about my weekend. 😛

            Friday I had an AWESOME skype date with Patrick 🙂 Nothing particularly special happened or anything, it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…Patrick, if you’re reading this, I can’t wait to see you in 6 days (6 DAYS!! EEEE!!!! I’m just a tad excited…). We talked for about two hours, and only had to stop because my stupid computer was going to overheat so I had to turn it off… Then Saturday Brittany and I had a lazy morning; we slept in, took our time getting ready for the day, and then went out to Kilkenny for a quick half-day trip. We took the train from Heuston Station, which I had never been to before, so that was a nice experience. The train was a lot better than I thought it would be.



Kilkenny itself is a super small city, so it was nice that we only spent 2 hours there. We stopped to look at Kilkenny Castle, then walked around the city, went to look at a cathedral (the name escapes me…), and then walked around the shopping center, and then BAM it was time to go back home! It was a good day, I was satisfied with it!





Then Sunday I went to church and then Brittany and I went grocery shopping (for the last time!!!) and then got ready for Riverdance! The show was AMAZING. It was at the Gaiety Theater that’s right off of Grafton Street. It was a decent size, but not huge. The dancers…oh my goodness I don’t know how they are able to move their feet that fast. It was phenomenal and beautiful! I’m so glad I went. I was thinking of my mom the whole time and how much she would have LOVED it. After Riverdance we decided to go out for a drink at this pub called the Gravediggers, which is apparently pretty famous (it’s been in movies I guess?), and I met a friend of Brittany’s. We stayed out til about 1130, and her friend was nice enough to walk us back home safely 🙂 the pub isn’t too far from our house though, so it wasn’t too bad.





So yeah! That was my weekend! Today at work I found out that the Trabant did NOT come on Saturday like it was supposed to, but Ben called the guy and apparently now they are bringing it on Wednesday. At this point I don’t really care what happens. Haha. I’m just trying to kind of scrape by…doing work but hoping I don’t get any new projects! I only have 2 full days left of work, then 2 half days, so I probably won’t be doing too much important work. I just want it to be Friday! Friday is mine and Patrick’s 10-month-iversary 🙂 , so we have a skype date planned, then Saturday is mine and Brittany’s awesome packing day, Sunday I’ll go to church, and then I LEAVE MONDAY! OMG! I just want this week to fly by! Don’t worry, I’m still enjoying my time and making the most of it! 😛

Some Days Should Come With a Warning Label. (Warning: Super Long Post!!)

Vodka take me away!!!! Some days should come with warning labels: Today is going to suck, so bring alcohol.

I’ve had a couple days to cool off after the horrific start to my week, so I thought I would write about it now and fill you all in on what happened and all that jazz.

            Monday started out horribly…I couldn’t figure out what to wear to work because nothing looked good/appealed to me, and my hair was NOT cooperating. Normally I can get a little lift in my hair when I put it up in a bun, but not Monday. It was SO flat, which really accentuated the fact that my roots are growing in seeing as I haven’t re-dyed my hair in 2 months. It was a rough morning. Oh, AND the internet wasn’t working! I almost forgot that part…normally I talk to Patrick a bit in the morning, check my Facebook, check the weather, and check the bus times but NOOOO the internet decided to crap out. By the time Brittany and I left for the bus, I was already in a foul mood. When we got there, the next 140 bus wasn’t coming for 20 minutes!! We had missed the bus that we normally take! So we had to take another bus to the city center and I had to walk all the way to work (it’s about a 15 minute walk from the city to work). When I got there I was hot, sweaty, felt ugly, and completely fed up with the day and it was only 9am. Great start, right?

            Work went down the tubes pretty quickly as well…First off, I was totally unmotivated to do anything because I only had 2 weeks of work left, so I was trying to fly under the radar and not get any huge projects. But, because it was such an awful Monday already, Trevor called me into his office and gave me this look, his “You-are-so-incompetent-at-life-how-do-you-function-in-society” look, and began to tell me that I measured the U2 room wrong, so the price quote I had gotten for a music license was completely wrong. Now, I understand that I am awful at anything that has to do with numbers, and I told him that, but there was no need for him to make me feel so stupid and helpless. I prefer bosses to be encouraging and kind (like Simon and Ben), and have constructive criticism when I mess up, not the arrogant ones who believe they are God’s gift to Earth (don’t worry, I’ll get to that in a bit).

            After that incident, I went and had a good cry in the bathroom, just wishing that I could go home. The rest of Monday was pretty uneventful, I did get a lot of work from Trevor but I’ve been spacing it out to take longer so I don’t get any more big projects. The internet was working when I got home, so that was good…

            Then Tuesday rolled around. The morning was significantly better than Monday…the first shirt I picked out was a good fit for the day, and my hair didn’t look too awful (I’ve kind of given up on it…it’s in a messy bun every day now). We even caught the correct bus and I didn’t have to walk from the city center. As I walked up to the museum I thought, well maybe today will be better…maybe, just MAYBE I can avoid dealing with Trevor today.

Nope, definitely not. For the second day in a row, I found myself crying in the bathroom because Trevor made me feel incompetent at life. I don’t even remember much of what he asked me to do, but the one thing that set me off was his statement that “I should always try to make HIM happy, and only him, and that I will learn that throughout life”. Uhm, excuse me Mr. Snootypants, but as I recall you are not the only human being on this Earth with a brain in your head or an agenda to get accomplished. I was no put on this Earth to SERVE you, now was I? This all came about because I gave the mechanic (who is cutting and transporting and installing this Trabi for FREE) an extra day to figure out when he could get the Trabi here to the museum. This man is donating his services, taking time away from his actual business to help us out. Where do I get off rushing him into dropping everything and getting that car here? I just could not believe that he said that to me. I actually wrote a “letter” to him in my journal (obviously it will not be published on this blog) pretty much telling him that he is a pompous human being who does not know how to relate to people (I’m putting that in the nicest way I can think of since this is on the school website…). I realize that I am an unpaid intern, but that does not give him the right to treat me like his “slave”, or less than human. Like I said, I believe that bosses should be encouraging, ESPECIALLY to interns who are just trying to learn the tricks of the trade. They are going to mess up! For people like me, if I get chastised too much, I just want to quit and try something else because I lose confidence in myself. But not this time. I’ve resolved to just ignore as much of his crap as I can, and just keep a cool tone and confidence around him that he can’t break.

That was just in the morning. It gets worse. Nothing went right on Tuesday, it was awful. I had the task of editing the Wikipedia page for the museum, which I was kind of excited about. I spent an hour and a half (at least) editing the page, getting lots of sources, and making it look and sound really awesome. I even created an account for the museum so future interns could use the same account if need be to edit it again. That was my mistake. Apparently company names are not allowed as user names on Wikipedia, and it locked my account making it impossible to a) save all the work I had just done, or b) create a different account. I was FURIOUS and FRUSTRATED. I am not good with computer lingo; I pretty much know how to use Word and Facebook, and that’s about it. I don’t go anywhere near IP addresses or anything weird and confusing like that. So I had to go back and redo everything I had just done, but I waited until Wednesday to do that.

Finally, work was over. I decided to go get myself an ice cream as a reward for getting through that awful day, so I went to Gino’s and got a double scoop mint cone. It was delicious. And when I got to my bus stop, the bus came right away! Maybe things were starting to look up? NOPE. After 2 stops on the bus I realized I had left my computer charger at work. Brittany’s doesn’t work, so I couldn’t use hers at home, and I was skyping that night with Patrick so I needed a fully charged computer (which was not the case…it was at about 30% after work). I had to get OFF the bus, walk ALL the way back to work (from the city center again) go up ALL the stairs, get my charger, and get back on the bus. After that I was done. I stopped by a liquor store on my way home, got a 6 pack of Bulmers, and went home.

I drank 4 of those 6 Bulmers…I had a nice buzz while skyping with Patrick, which made the Vine videos that we were watching THAT much funnier. Talking with him, laughing with him, and just having him to vent to really made my night, and I didn’t go to bed angry.

The rest of this week has been okay, I just need to make it through tomorrow and this week will finally be over.

Here’s the plan for the rest of my time here: Going out for dinner tonight with Brittany and Katie, Kilkenny on Saturday with Brittany, church and Riverdance on Sunday, dinner (?) with the interns next Thursday as a good bye, half-days of work on Thurs and Fri, and then packing night next Saturday with Brittany. She leaves Sunday, and then I leave Monday morning!!

After today, 5.5 days left of work, and 10 days left in Ireland!!

Thanks for sticking with me through this post, if you made it this far… 😛



Just a quick entry…I went to “see” (more like hear…) Mumford and Sons at Phoenix Park today!!

            Well first, I went to church, which was awesome! It really makes me miss Chi Alpha and NCA in Flag. Then when I got home Brittany and I went to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week, and I splurged and got some McDonald’s for lunch. 😛

            Then the best part of the day! We headed over to Phoenix Park to hear Mumford. The concert started at 3, I guess they had 3 opening bands, so they didn’t actually start playing until 9pm. 😦 We just sat in a patch of grass right behind the fence, and could see the top of the stage. The sound was great though! It was the perfect volume…I didn’t have to shout to talk to Brittany, and we didn’t have to deal with the crowds either! We could just chill in the grass and listen to music. 🙂

Since I am completely terrified of walking in the dark, and we weren’t sure if we could catch a cab or bus, we left around 9:45pm…so we didn’t hear all of their set. But what we did hear was amazing, as I was expecting. They really are better live than on their CD’s…I love Mumford and Sons!!

Now I can say that I went to the Mumford and Sons concert in Dublin for free! Sure, I didn’t actually get to SEE them, but I think that this way is the best way to go for outdoor concerts! It’s so much more comfortable.



The stage is back there somewhere…haha we were super excited!


80 Degrees with 70% Humidity, Great Day for Cork!

Today was the day that Brittany and I went to Cork! Of course, the morning wouldn’t have been complete without a little bit of bus trouble…We got into the city center with plenty of time to spare before our bus to Cork came, so we stopped in Spar to get some food for the trip. We thought we knew where we were going to catch the bus, because we assumed it was the same place that our Galway bus left from, since it was the same company. We were wrong. We walked all the way to the stop and realized it was Galway only. Why on Earth they would do that, I’m not sure, but by this time it was about 7:50am and our bus was leaving at 8:30am, but you’re supposed to get there 15 minutes early. We decided to just go straight to the tourist office/hostel that helped us find our way last time, so we sped walked over there and found out that the bus station was just right over the Liffey from where the other stop was! Fortunately, we made it on time, and we each got our own set of two seats to spread out for the 3 hour trip. I thought that the bus ride wouldn’t be too bad because the bus has wifi…but it felt SO LONG. I tried messaging with Patrick on Facebook for a while, but the wifi cut out right in the middle of our conversation…I had just been about to say goodbye too because he was going to bed. He even noticed that I wasn’t answering and said “well I hope you’re just having phone trouble and that nothing bad happened”. I tried reading my book, the second Game of Thrones, but I was at a boring part so I couldn’t even get in to that. I ended up just drifting in and out of sleep.

            Finally, we pulled into Cork city. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed; I wish I had taken a picture. I was expecting a city more like Galway: cute, quaint, and touristy. At first glance it didn’t look like that at all! I’m glad we ended up spending most of the day in Blarney…

            We were hoping to find some touristy information at the bus stop, maybe a bus tour type of thing or even a map, but we didn’t see anything. I had read in my Ireland tourist book that buses ran to Blarney pretty frequently, so we decided to see when the next bus was so we could go to the castle and kiss the Blarney Stone! We didn’t have to wait long, the bus left 10 minutes after we pulled in! It was perfect timing. It was super sunny, hot, and humid today, so the bus ride (although only about 15 minutes) was sweltering hot.


We got some ice cream before waiting in line to try and cool off a bit.

            Blarney Castle is a huge tourist attraction, I felt like I was in a theme park or something waiting in line to get in and then again waiting to kiss the Blarney Stone. We had to wait an hour and a half, just to kiss the stone, which took about five seconds! But while we were waiting we had time to take pictures, so it was okay. The only bad part was having to wait in the sunny patches… 😦 There was one point when we were waiting in line in a super narrow, spiraly staircase. It was uncomfortable and I felt like I was going to fall! I think the whole thing was worth it though, I’ve now done one of the 99 Things to Do Before You Die! 🙂



The super spiraly staircase…


Kissing the Blarney Stone! I had to sit down and lay backwards, grab the two bars behind me, and lean back to kiss the bottom of the stone.


At the top of Blarney Castle. It had an amazing view!


View of Blarney House from the top of the castle. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it over there to see it up close.

            After the Blarney Stone we went to the Rock Close, which had some waterfalls that we wanted to check out, as well as the Wishing Steps. According to legend, if you walk up and back down the steps with your eyes closed (some also say you have to do it backwards…) your wish will come true within a year! So I thought of a wish (which I will be keeping secret! 😉 ) and did the staircase both ways with my eyes shut, so hopefully it will come true within the next year! I was so engrossed in the wish aspect that I forgot to take a picture of them. 😦

            After the castle, we went to a pub right by the bus stop to get a cold glass of water and some food because we were both hot and hungry…which in our cases means cranky. 😛

By the time we were ready to leave Blarney, it was already 4pm! We had spent a majority of our day there without even meaning to! We made it back to Cork around 4:45pm I think, so we had about an hour and a half to wander around the city. The main stretch we walked on was a mix of O’Connell street and Grafton street here in Dublin; there were tons of shops around and it was mainly pedestrianized, but there was a major road that ran through it. I’m really glad we didn’t have a lot of time to wander because we would’ve gotten bored. We ended up getting some gelato, trying and failing to find jean shorts for me in Penneys (I wore jeans today because I didn’t bring any shorts…I was so hot), and then making a quick stop in the English Market. The Market was one of the “things to do in Cork” in my tourist book, but we got there right as they were closing, so it was kind of lame. I ended up getting a pack of strawberries, but I haven’t tried them yet because I want to wash them and eat them cold, so they are currently residing in my refrigerator. The bus ride back was really uneventful and long as well, I ended up sleeping for an hour, which was nice…it helped the time go by faster.


Cork City, the main road.


Overall today was a good day! I’m glad we got to go to Blarney Castle, and that we spent most of the day there.

That was going to be the end of my post until something happened a few minutes ago that I felt needed to be added. If you know me at all, you know that I hate bugs, especially ones that are big and that fly. My main phobia is of crickets, but I’m not a huge fan of moths either. So there was this huge moth that was flying around by the wall by my bed, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t get rid of it. I tried to usher it out our door so I wouldn’t have to deal with it…it almost worked, but then it sporadically flew back at me, inciting a wild shriek/squeal from me. It flew into the closet, and I managed to get it out, and then I swatted it out of the air and it landed on the floor. I took my chance and placed a plastic Ziploc bag that happened to be on the floor over it and stomped on it, effectively ending its life. I felt kind of bad…it was just being a moth and doing moth things, but it invaded my space and needed to die. But since I smashed it with a plastic bag on a wood floor, I can’t scrape it off without completely disgusting myself…so it is still on the floor with the bag over it and a small tissue covering the moth so I don’t have to see it through the bag. I’ll clean it up tomorrow…It’s times like these when it would be nice to have Patrick around to just get rid of it. Or Arlyssa, she’s a moth whisperer! Haha 🙂

It’s late and I’m exhausted, if you couldn’t tell by my moth story, so goodnight all, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Intern Dinner

For all of you not on Facebook, here’s a picture of all of the interns I work with, as well as my boss (the curator) Simon. From the left and going around the table: Alberto, Amy, Kathryn, Anna, Eglantine, Connor, Aphria, Me, Tony, and Simon. We all went out to dinner yesterday because today (Friday) is the last day for Aphria, Amy, and Tony! 😦